Woman Crush Wednesday: Vicky Tsai

Newsletter editor Rachel here.
Have you ever thought about quitting your job, traveling around the world, and then starting your own million-dollar company?
I know I have. Maybe a little too often. 
That’s why I can’t get over Vicky Tsai and her story. After quitting her job on Wall Street, Vicky went rogue on a quest to discover natural skin care products that would heal her acute dermatitis. She gave up the dream she had originally planned for herself to discover what she was passionate about.
After a life-changing encounter with a geisha, she wanted to bring her healing experience back to the U.S. So she launched her skincare company, Tatcha. Even though her company spent years on the brink of bankruptcy (forcing her to sell her possessions including her engagement ring!)– she persisted because she believed it was her life’s calling. 
She says that for her, Tatcha is a blend of her passion and what she is good at–an idea captured by the Japanese concept of ikigai. Put simply, ikigai refers to a person’s reason for being alive, and it is found at the intersection of what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what the world has a need for.
In other words: your talent + your passion + the world’s needs = ikigai
She saw a need and then built an empire on nothing but belief and passion. Her grit eventually opened doors for her to do more than she ever thought possible. 
In the years following her success she has been able to partner with Room to Read, a nonprofit organization focused on female education and empowerment. In 2014 Tatcha launched the Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures fund to encourage girls to stay in school through the Girl’s Education Program in Asia and Africa. Vicky has also worked to lift up the voices of other AAPI women in a predominantly white and male-dominated field.
If you are looking for more info on her, check out Behind Her Empire’s hour-long podcast that takes a deep dive into her journey.
There are a lot of reasons to be impressed by Vicky. She is bold, compassionate, and outspoken, and even in her wild success has found a way to stay focussed on what matters.
But the thing that stands out to me most is how she went out searching for her purpose, found it, and then clung to it like a liferaft in a storm. She is a relentless force for good. We need more relentless women. I hope to be one of them.