Woman crush Wednesday

Newsletter editor Rachel here.

Do you ever have those moments when you are trying to think of something quickly but all you can hear is the voice in your head saying “think, think, THINK!” and of course, this doesn’t help, it just makes noise?

Well, that is what my social media looks like right now. 

It has descended into the chaos of thousands of (rightfully) enraged people posting and reposting the same content back and forth while the dread of what happened with Roe. settles down around us. 

It’s like we are all shouting “WHAT DO WE DO?” over and over.

And that’s ok. I did my fair share of internet (and curbside) shouting. 

It feels cathartic to vent, but other than the momentary relief–it doesn’t change anything. When the noise dies down, we are still left with a hollow feeling in our gut and the remaining question, “what do we do?”

If you had asked me four years ago I would have snarked back some BS about the world being broken. It still feels broken–that part hasn’t changed– but something has changed, for me. 

I started writing for ChairmanMe. 

And now, things are different. Yes, it still feels like we are living in a dystopian novel, but now instead of my solo voice yelling on the internet, I am part of a team that is actually doing something about it. 

So this week I am crushin’ on a woman that many of you already know. She’s a clinical epidemiologist and health system exec whose single mission is to bring equity and health information to vulnerable populations. 

I'm talking of course about Adimika Arthur, ChairmanMe's resident public health expert, co-host of our incredible Sisterhood course, and featured host and speaker for some of our most popular webinars. You only have to glance at her bio to know she is exactly the person we need strategizing our game plan right now. 

And boy does she have a plan. 

Adimika is flooding our community base with information that will help us fight back against this tidal wave of legislated misogyny. 

She is lining up expert speakers to share strategies that empower women.

She is fortifying our community by linking women with life-saving information and with one another.

And she is not alone. Hundreds of women, minorities, and allies are rallying to her side to find out how what they can do to create real, lasting change. 

I’m not sugarcoating anything. It’s an excruciating time to be a woman right now. But watching Adimika work gives me hope. And she has helped design a course that is built for the moment we are in right now. 

It's called The Reset. And we want you in on it. 

For $49 a month you receive

  • Exclusive access to our guest speaker series 
  • Monthly zoom workshops
  • Strategies and tools for fighting back from battle tested feminist warriors
  • Special access to selected modules from our other courses
  • A community membership with other like-minded women and allies 
  • Unlimited access to the RESET archives 
  • A dedicated newsletter from Adimika Arthur and Sarah Lacy
  • A network of badasses you can call anytime when sh*t hits the fan
  • A judgment free place to grow, learn, thrive and push your boundaries. 

Alone we can’t do much more than post angrily on social media-- but together we become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Don’t miss this chance to do something more in this moment. 

Have questions about The Reset? Feel free to reach out to me, or Adimika at adimika@chairmanme.com


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