Welcome to 2023, y'all!

Welcome to 2023, y’all!!

How was your break? Mine was not restful or restorative. I’d love to say otherwise, but two days of 24-hour travel and a week of jet lag with kids, plus an avalanche of backed-up to-do lists just took me out. 

Even having a week free of kids didn’t help. It didn’t help them either. I just messaged their dad today and he said “the kids are still tired.” I am back at work (did I leave?) and they are back at school tomorrow. 

Welp. No more time to rest.  

This is not to say we didn’t have a nice break, a delightful trip to the UK to see Paul’s family, or any other pleasant things that happen. But we are not rested and restored. At. All. 

I think a lot of it had less to do with how we spent the last two weeks, and more to do with the year coming into it. I posted on Instagram yesterday that I do not think I have ever achieved more in a single year than I did in 2022. And while I am super proud of all of those wins and miracles and accomplishments, I am so exhausted. It took a toll. Balls were dropped. Things were neglected. I had a few bruising personal betrayals last year that hurt and still hurt. 

2022 was a year full of surface and real wins. And yet, I don’t want another 2022. I need 2023 to be more focused and intentional and strategic and, frankly, sustainable. 

I am always dubious about vacations and whether they really work, have an impact on burnout, or just give you something fun to do for a week. But for Christmas of 2021, I took my first real vacation in at least 11 years. I went to a health retreat, just for me, with no family, no friends, no kids and no work. And 2022 was the most productive year I’ve ever had. Clearly, there’s a link. 

Food for thought for next year. 

Maybe you were smarter, and you did take a vacation. I hope so. If you are in the same boat as me and the kids, well, here we are. What are we gonna do about it because kids gotta go back to school and bills have to get paid. 

I’ll tell you one thing I’m going to do right now which is rewatch our “Burn Out, Opt Out” course. Few courses have moved the needle so dramatically for me, as this one, and I last looked at it two years ago. I know there’s wisdom in there that will help me, and fortunately, it’s one of our WATCH IT RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND on-demand courses. 

It’s there if you need it. All our courses are there if you need them. 

One of the biggest problems that causes Burn Out is feeling stuck. The way to instantly feel unstuck is to take action. It may seem strange to take action as an antidote for exhaustion. But sometimes that does way more than rest.