I just realized the other day that CM has done nothing to scream pride in your face over the last month, unlike every other company in America. 

I hope you know that that’s because we live PRIDE all year long. It’s not a weekend, a month, an email, or a brief minute of consciousness for us. It’s allllll the damn time. It’s a requirement in our diversity goals in our marketing, our hiring, and our contractors. It’s codified in our core values. It’s not an exaggeration to say we think about supporting the LGBTQ+ community on a daily basis. 

Because it is us. It’s our issue. 

If we were to think about how to support queer folks only this month it would be like asking ourselves how we could support women only one month a year.


There are several diverse queer identities represented on our team, and y’all already know I am mother to the transgender center of my universe. My family celebrates Pride all year round, and this company does as well. 

Radish’s favorite sweater is his pride sweater. It’s frayed because he wears it so much in our two very queer-friendly homes of San Francisco and Palm Springs. 

We just got a pride light fixture for our bathroom (it has prisms that emit rainbows). 

Evie started making a “pride bear” at camp this week. 

We always talk about starting a restaurant and Eli recently said “It should be called Pride, because why is it only something we only talk about one month a year!?”

We have rainbow everything. 

We cannot Pride enough. 

The other day, Paul and I noticed anecdotally that the number of queer folks in many of our courses may outnumber the number of women in our courses.  (Likewise, we frequently have more women of color than white folks in many courses. We are working on all forms of diversity in our team and community!)

There’s obviously overlap in that Venn diagram, but I’ve had more queer folks than cis/het women say to me recently that CM feels unlike other spaces to them. I’ve been asking why that’s the case because I don't want this environment to be an accident. I want it to be even more intentional. I want to do even better. 

This is so important to us. So important to me. To my team and my family. To all of our legacies. This is what makes ChairmanMe so unique as a learning platform, and we’re really proud of this. We’re so grateful that you trust us, me specifically, as the leader of this company and a white, cis-gendered heterosexual woman. Because I know you have all been burned so much by people who look like me and get very excited in June. I know we all have so much to do to understand your lived experience and prove that we are here for you no matter what. That it will never be just a June issue to us. 

Please let me know what more I can do to make ChairmanMe more inclusive, always, every month, every day. We screw up a lot but we love feedback and always try to get better. 

Happy Pride for everyone. Today, this month, every day, and every month.