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I just realized the other day that CM has done nothing to scream pride in your face over the last month, unlike every other company in America. 

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The Cost of White Feminism

I have little to say about the worst kept secret on earth: That decades of campaigning, of twisted rhetoric, of bigotry, of weaponizing religion, of riling up the worst aspects of our society, of an open playbook of minority rule enabled in part by the Electoral College and also by intentional voter suppression means that women no longer have rights to their own bodies. 

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Vicky Tsai

Newsletter editor Rachel here.Have you ever thought about quitting your job, traveling around the world, and then starting your own million-dollar company?I know I...

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Happiness over ego

A few weeks ago, I read the news that San Francisco is — again — the most childless city in the U.S. This was the case before I had kids. Before a whole wave of people who — like me — moved to San Francisco in the dot-com bubble, grew up, and started to have kids. 

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