Insert your crazy idea here ___

The other night, Eli and Evie and I were watching Lego Masters. It was the Marvel Challenge for those who watch the show. 

Eli and Evie CANNOT watch a TV show without constantly discussing what they would be doing if they were in that moment right now. And at the end, when I said I didn’t think the Stephen and Stephen firefighters buzzsaw thing was that impressive,

Evie said, “Yeah this would have been a good time for LEGO TECHNIC. I would have made it moving. That would have caught the judge's attention!” 

I nodded. She was right. They should have done that. 

Eli– the always Virgo voice of rationality– said, “Evie, this challenge is literally called a moment in time. It’s supposed to be a frozen scene of a movie. No one did motion for a reason.” 

I nodded again. Oh. I should have actually listened.

Evie smiled and said, “That’s why I have Eli. I can always trust her to pull me back from my crazier ideas.” 

At ChairmanMe, we’re the opposite of Eli. We don't want to pull you back from your "crazier" ideas.

Because the world has Eli’d you in the worst possible way. It’s Eli’d and Eli’d and Eli’d you until you’re huddled in a corner thinking "if I try someone will hate it."

Evie needs Eli. 

But you need us. The anti-Eli. The one who is going to push you headlong into that crazy idea. Into the better you. Into TRYING. 

All we can do is give you the tools and the options. The way to start a writing practice. The path to publishing your book. The industry secrets to building an enduring brand, creating your own content and dealing with the press. The path to self-promotion. The playbook for starting your own feminist small business. The neuroscience behind fundraising and sales and marketing. The proven academic way to negotiate and get the salary increase you deserve. 

We’ve spent years bringing the answers together. 

But the hardest thing we face is you. 

Do you believe in you? 

Can you still believe in the wildest and crazy-successful version of yourself possible?

Because we do. You just have to invest in that future person.

Until the end of the year, you can get 20% off any of our retreats and HALF OFF any course when you buy two. Once you purchase a course we will email you a code for half off your next one. 

I hope to see you in the new year in one (or two!) of our courses and in real life at one of our retreats!