Meet two best friends who changed the investing game

I’m crushin’ on two incredible women this week. 

Sim and Sonya are best friends who were sick of investing being overly complicated and gatekept from women and minorities, so they decided to take matters into their own hands.

They started the podcast Girls That Invest, which quickly became the number-one podcast for women to learn about investing without all the jargon. 

But they didn’t stop there. Simran Kaur wrote a book that immediately became a bestseller and she offers an investing masterclass. If that weren’t impressive enough, they have a hilarious and informative social media presence.

These two women saw a global need and stepped in to fill it with their expertise. As entrepreneurs, they are relentless — and they take advantage of every major online platform to get the word out! 

(I mean, podcasting, TikTok, and writing a book? These two push the limits of badassery.)

Reading about their passion for investing made me think about all the hidden talent in our community. I know there are so many people out there reading this who have skills to share with the world but don’t have a platform to do so.

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I’m always looking for stories of women who are making waves and creating change. If there is someone you are crushin’ on, send them my way!

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