How to keep fighting the fight

Last week, I went to a (before COVID) annual female power party in Silicon Valley. It felt a little like going back in time. I was filled with trepidation at first because seemingly everyone in SF has COVID right now and because I haven’t socialized with that many people in a long time!!! 

It was so incredible for so many reasons, but a highlight was I got to meet Christine Blasey Ford. Talk about someone who lit her life on fire in order to try to help women in this country. 

It’s not often I’m starstruck meeting someone. We talked about kids and about statistics and about, of course, being hated and threatened, although I’ve experienced 1% of what she has. And what I have experienced was pretty scary. 

She was asking a lot about ChairmanMe, and I told her about our Speaking Out Without Blowing Up Your Career course

“Wow, I needed that,” she said.

“Well, you could teach it now,” I said. 

That’s the thing about these battles. Once you’ve walked through the fire, you can teach it. But what if you had the amalgamated wisdom of other women who’ve already done it before? 

My goal, whenever I am lucky enough to meet someone like Christine, is to grab an hour of their time on Zoom, get their piece of that shared wisdom and add it into that course, so that the body of advice, our playbook for safely speaking out, grows every year. And of course, anyone who has bought it will get all the new modules automatically. 

As a reminder, we recently made this course fully on demand so it’s there for you when you need it. We also shattered the price from $950 for the full cohort version to just $99 because we think it’s so vital.  

I have a few ideas for folks to add into the curriculum to make that price an even bigger no-brainer, but right now I wanted to share one amazing, amazing piece of advice that centered Christine in that moment before she walked in that room. Someone we were talking to asked her HOW she physically did it. And she said that her lawyer told her, “If you make it to the chair, you’ve already won.”

Think about the concentrated forces that tried to keep her from that chair. Astounding. Just sitting there was one of the most radical acts of feminism of my lifetime. 

So much of this work of fighting for what is right in a macro or micro sense is really about intention and commitment and showing up. This course will help you do that, whether it’s a huge battle like that for all of us or just standing up for what’s right at work. 

I hope you’ll check it out. Because as that sisterhood grows, we really do change the world.

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