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In last week’s Unlocking Aha Office Hours with Lisa Cron, we did an exercise around the misbeliefs people have who we are trying to convince us of something where, led by Lisa, we worked as a group to get to the bottom of those objections, understand them, and come up with strategies to transform those misbeliefs. 

I immediately knew the one I wanted to ask Lisa, but people pay a lot of money for this class, so I let others go first and we ran out of time.

Here was what I wanted to ask Lisa about: Why is our negotiation course such a hard sell? 

This is a course that acknowledges that it’s not you, negotiation is biased. 

Not only that: This is a rare course that gives you a research-proven answer to how women and other underrepresented groups can successfully negotiate without backlash. 

Not only that: It’s taught by a private negotiation coach who on average gets women 30% salary increases, and as we discussed last week at our online webinar, salary is just one of 60 things to negotiate. 

Not only that: Kathryn is so incredibly successful and in-demand that she is not taking clients. This course is the only way you can get her brain. And you get it for six weeks!

Not only that: Her hourly rate is $2000, and this course is less than that. FOR SIX WEEKS. 

I can only think of three possible objections: 

You don’t want to make more money. WHY? There’s a lot you could do for the world with more money. You can also change precedents in your company and industry about how women are paid. This is not just about you; it’s about lifting up other women as well. On average, women retire with millions of dollars less because they didn’t ask for even those modest salary bumps when they knew they deserved it OR they were not equipped with the tool kit of HOW. 

You don’t believe me. I get it, it sounds too good to be true. But I’ve seen Kathryn pull off this magic trick again and again (even with me as we negotiated terms of this course). I’ve benefited from this not only with salary conversations but in selling my parents house last year, trying to convince my kids to do things, and getting discounts on things at stores. It works with everything once you see it. 

Kathryn even suggested we say her results get women “more than 10%,” which is technically true, because she wondered if her actual results were just too unbelievable. If it is true, even if it’s a fraction of that number true, isn’t it worth $1,500 to find out? Is 10% of your salary more than $1,500? I bet 30% is…

You don’t think you deserve it. This is the one I suspect is at the heart of most people’s tire-kicking without signing up. Internalized misogyny is a real thing. We have been gaslit about paying our dues and being underpaid for so long that we start to believe that’s what we are worth. 

But here’s the thing: Do you know why Kathryn can’t take on more clients? Because massive Fortune 50 companies have seen her results and the research and have hired her to come train ALL their female executives on negotiation to improve their retention numbers. This isn’t (just) nice. It costs $150,000 to replace female executives on average at these companies, and CEOs need an answer that works. So if you won’t believe in yourself enough to want to ask for more, some of the top companies in the world are more than happy to take Kathryn’s brilliance to solve their retention problems and (happily) get their female executives more. (That’s how well this sh*t works, y’all.) 

LUCKY YOU. You can pay a fraction of what anyone else does and still get on her calendar because Kathryn is wonderful and loves our community. 

If you need help with objection #1, email me and I’ll give you a list of great causes you can spend all that extra money on. 

If you need help with objection #2, I’m more than happy to introduce you to someone who took the course last time to hear first-hand how mind-blowing it was. 

If you need help with objection #3…well. Look in the mirror. Look at how incredible you are. Think about all the value you bring to your company every day. Think about the last advice you gave a friend who was hemming and hawing about whether she “deserved” a raise. Think about whether a man would hesitate to take a course that would, in six weeks (two hours a week) and for less than $2,000, give him the roadmap to a 30% increase in pay. 

The course starts this week, and I don’t know how many more times I can squirrel this time away on Kathryn’s overbooked calendar. 

Don’t wait to be turned down for what you deserve and regret it.

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