Squeaky clean

Paul and I have spent the past week at a health spa in the desert, where we’ve gone on very low-key hikes early in the morning before the triple-digit heat, done very slow yoga in the afternoons, and cleansed our insides all day. 

Well, cleansed and worked. It was actually an amazing week to focus on deep strategic stuff with the company and clear out the backlog to-do’s, because we had no children, pets, activities, or…meals. I can’t remember a week I’ve been so productive. 

I know cleanses are not for everyone and can be part of toxic diet culture, but I am personally a fan. I am never someone who is going to cut something I love out of my life permanently. But short-term all or nothing breaks from it give me a valuable reset. 

What do I love about this? When do I want it? It helps me cue into the craving and what’s behind it. 

For instance, I stopped drinking wine for a few weeks. And I noticed there are only two times I really missed it: When I was doing a ChairmanMe Zoom or when I was cooking dinner. I didn’t even miss the wine during dinner. 

That doesn’t mean I’ll never have wine with dinner again, but it’s good data when I want more moderation. 

This is why I think cleansing or even taking a break from something is different from “dieting” and deprivation. It’s about cueing into those cravings more, for me, and giving me a blueprint for when to honor them. 

Maybe you have no desire or time to do anything this radical. But that idea of listening to your body more deeply rather than falling into binging or total deprivation on the other side is a big part of our Nourish Your Life course. We offered it in February, as we were in the doldrums of winter and another COVID-19 surge, and we’re offering it again starting June 6. 

It was one of those courses that was even better in practice than in my head. Jessica and Kim have such a yin-yang of Eastern and Western views around food — and intuitive and emotional versus super get-dinner-on-the-table practical that gives you both halves of the brain. But both are so aligned on this core principle: You should absolutely give into cravings when you need to. 

How??? Well, that’s the underlying question behind our next free online workshop with them called “Say Bye to Bikini Season Bullsh*t” next Tuesday (May 24th) at 8pm EST/5pm PST. 

God, I hate bikini season BS. I often wonder how much productivity and happiness would be opened up in my life if I could remove all doubt and hatred and second-guessing and everything else about my body from my brain. 

You KNOW it’s all BS. But even Lizzo cries sometimes at the misogynistic hate she faces for daring to be proud of her body. Self-love is a radical act. And you need allies and toolkits. 

This is your solidarity group. In this course, you’ll learn about your specific body type, leveraging Kim’s Ayurvedic wisdom. You’ll learn indulgent recipes so you get the full joy when you want to indulge and delicious substitutes when you don’t. You’ll learn the biological importance of eating more seasonally. OMG, the tips on hydration changed my life as someone living in the desert!!! There are pickling and preserving workshops. There are “bring a weird vegetable and they’ll tell you what to do with it” workshops. (I no longer walk past squash blossoms intimidated at the farmers market as a result…)

It’s basically having two nutritional experts, one a private chef who focuses on healing powers of food and the other a no-nonsense wizard, feed your family deliciously and easily, on a weekly call for six weeks. 

The only negative feedback we had the first time around: “This course should be longer.” 
I hope to see you at next week’s Zoom. We focus all summer on doing so much for our kids and planning out these elaborate and perfect (and expensive) summers. This is a nice thing you could do just for you at a time when diet toxicity is at its peak!

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