My fortress of solitude

I am downright giddy that summer is almost here, and with it, I’ll be spending a chunk of time in San Francisco. I’ve visited for a day here or there for a few months mostly dealing with construction, renovations, and Airbnb stuff. Oh yeah, work and investor meetings too. 

Honestly? It’s pretty stressful. 

But I have one night without guests, and I’m alone in my backyard listening to Tina Turner and sipping some wine with a big ol’ blanket wrapped around me, conquering my Asana to-do list, and I feel like Superman when he went to the fortress of solitude. 

This house is everything to me. I feel like I’ve been through so much here; it’s been such a FEAT to buy and keep and now fix up and rent. I have nothing to hide from this house. It’s like my reflections stare back at me more genuinely than anywhere else, like I can’t fool myself in these mirrors. She’s seen the worst. 

I knew I wanted to live in San Francisco when I flew here more than 20 years ago for a two-week reporting stint. I knew it driving into the city and seeing it from a distance. I’ve felt certainty like few other things in my life. This is my home, and yeah, sometimes you hate your home. Your home isn’t always perfect. But your home is your home. 

I’m also not perfect. I’m also kinda f***ed up. I do a lot of incredible things and struggle to do easy things. I struggle to do the basics of parenting, like dentist appointments, but can create a magical slumber party wonderland for my kids unlike anyone else. 

I feel like my house and this city and I are fused together. The good and the bad and the ugly and the beautiful and the things other people don’t get, which is just fine because there were too many Patagonia vests walking around here talking about deals anyway. I’ve always been an acquired taste. So is San Francisco. 

I am so happy I was able to keep this home. I moved for my family during the school year, but this summer — at least a few weeks of it — will be for me. (And poor Radish, who has already burned his paws once in Palm Springs…) 

Sometimes summer can be for you, you know, not just for your kids.

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