Last chance to join Lisa Cron

OK, so it’s officially last call for SUPERSTAR Lisa Cron’s course on how to make people give a sh*t.

Actually, the course content went live Monday, but it’s only the first week, so technically you haven’t missed much yet. 

This is our first course that has generated way more excitement the second time we’ve offered it. Usually our courses are like a “U” shape: The first time we offer them, our existing community gets super excited and supports them, the second time around we are trying to figure out how to market them outside our community, and the third time we figure it out (or put the course on hiatus). 

Lisa’s is the first that sold more outside our community than inside. 

I don’t know why, except maybe the timing just after vaccines last year was a challenge or maybe we just really nailed it with our preview Zooms this time around. Wow-oh-wow: Thousands of people RSVPd and people were floored by what she had to say. Our own marketing team paid money out of pocket to take the course after watching them. THE WHOLE TEAM! (If you want to see what you missed, go here and here!) 

Lisa is unlike anyone else on Earth, and it’s impossible to get on her schedule. We also slashed the price for this course (against my better judgment!!!), so that probably helped too. 

If you’ve been tempted either time, you can grab a final slot! It should be an incredible cohort, and I doubt we’ll offer it this cheap again! 

I feel so honored to get to spend another eight weeks with her on this course given how in-demand she is. She really changes how you look at the world, and how you go about life and work.

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?