Get what you deserve

Let’s see. 

We got saddled with disproportionately more of the COVID-19 homeschool BS. 

The already-paltry percentage of venture capital we get decreased during the pandemic. 

Our basic rights to our bodies are on the verge of being taken away. 

And for those of us who are moms to transgender kids, our children are under f***ing attack in more than half of states. 

At what point are we like, “Enough”? 

No one is looking out for us. We have to be the heroes we’ve been waiting for. 

And you know what? Let’s start with getting paid. We spend the vast majority of our lives working. And for centuries we’ve been openly paid LESS — a lot less if you are a woman of color. We work in offices designed by and for men with their freezing temperatures, “can you just take notes for us?” comments, and 5pm mandatory meetings. 


You HAVE to join our free Zoom tonight with Kathryn Valentine. She gets paid thousands of dollars an hour to coach women on how to negotiate. Not only that, you cannot even get on her calendar now. She is so overbooked that she’s not taking new clients no matter how much you pay her. ChairmanMe is the only place where you can work with her directly if you don’t already. 

And it’s gonna cost you a whopping $0 tonight

On average, she gets women 30% increases in salary by using research-proven, data-driven methods of negotiation that do not cause backlash for women. Yes, this is a rare corner of misogyny where there’s some kryptonite. 

That number is even more impressive when you consider that salary is one of just 60 (!!) things she advises women should be negotiating. 

You can be happier. You can make more money. 

I know it sounds too good to be true. What if it isn’t? Don’t you want to find out?

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?