Thanks, universe

Isn’t it nice when you suddenly get a karma deposit after years of karma withdrawals? 

I cannot believe the two-week renovation sprint we just did on my San Francisco house. It took us seven months and way too much money to redo our kitchen after a minor flood in Palm Springs. But we just did a swat, reality-TV-style scrappy makeover in SF that was cheap, fast, and high quality. Typically you gotta pick two of those. In San Francisco you are LUCKY to have two…

It was truly uncanny how it all came together. My contractor, Isaac, happened to have two weeks free and I happened to call at the right time. Because he’s the best, he gave us a staggeringly affordable price for a laundry list of must-do things. 

I called a friend, Katie, who is incredible at Airbnbs, and asked if she had capacity to manage mine. It just so happened she was looking to expand and do more than her own. And she absolutely dove in head-first with incredible suggestions. (It’s so good to have a fresh pair of eyes on your house!) 

I have flown up every week for a few days between kids to tile floors, paint, stage, move furniture, and help in whatever way I could. My friend Andrea helped paint one night; Cherissa helped me tile floors. 

We had so much serendipity along the way. 

I went into a paint store and matched the color I painted two rooms in 2008 by sight. 

We found an INCREDIBLE $6,000 custom kitchen table with six chairs for $600 on Facebook Marketplace and it absolutely transformed my kitchen. 

A sectional I wanted was out of stock, then it was suddenly back in stock. Most things have arrived sooner than we expected — a downright COVID supply chain miracle! We even found a bathroom vanity in stock which is basically not a thing right now. 

We needed five broken windows rebuilt, and all the places we tried were booked. So Katie walked down the street to a local glass shop, asked, and it turned out they’d just finished a huge job and had time that day. 

The magic has gotten spooky at times. 

On Saturday, I realized I needed an electrician. I told Isaac I would handle it and pulled up Thumbtack. While I was waiting on a photo of the job to upload he walked outside my house, found an electrician, and walked back in. 

“How did you manifest an electrician!?” I asked.

“I just walked over to the house under construction two doors down and asked,” he shrugged. 

It turned out to be something minor the guy fixed in about15 minutes. 

“Want to give me $20?” he said. I gave him $40. 

The house looks utterly transformed. It now sleeps six plus the rooms in the back that I’m keeping for me and the kids. The kitchen and bathroom are dramatically redone with a new vanity, redone tub, and all new appliances. And it’s so full of lush gorgeous plants, natural light, and amazing art from all over the world. It’s been hard to leave each time!

I’ve even got a lead on our first booking! 

Evie and Eli and Katie and I lit a candle and spoke aloud our prayers and intentions for the house right as we put it live on Airbnb yesterday. I asked that the house be cash flow-positive and give everyone else the same magic it had given me. Katie asked that it draw the right people to it. Eli asked that no one ruin the house. And Evie said she hopes the house inspires everyone as much as it inspires us.  

I had such a long stretch where it felt like I could not get a break that I am focusing on enjoying all that seems to be suddenly going right for me. 

It’s really felt like an act of love for the house that has given us so much to fix all these little nagging things that have been an issue mostly since I bought it in uh…2008…

If I had any concerns about this step, all this serendipity has certainly made it feel meant to be. Thanks, universe.

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?