Aspiring memoirists, join us

We have had more than 1,000 of you sign up for our recent free workshops, leading up to the second cohort of our Open Book course. This is a topic that is so close to our hearts, so we wanted to squeeze just one more in

We were thinking about all the people who have come through the Ready, Set, Write and Open Book cohorts in the past. While there has been a wide range of projects from children’s books and daily newsletters on food to young adult fantasy novels and spy thrillers to graphic novels about farm animals, there’s been at least one dominant theme: Memoirs. 

Health memoirs. Business memoirs. Memoirs wrapped in love stories. 

You all have incredible stories. Step one is getting the courage, inspiration, and discipline to write them down. Step two is figuring out what the best way to get them published and into the world. (This is the course promise of Open Book, as many of you know.)

But there’s a step three that is hard, and while we can’t guarantee it for you, it's also something Paul and I have excelled at: Making that memoir commercially successful — beyond just being a bestseller, but having your memoir nominated for a national book award. (I did on my third book!). Or even — gasp! — getting a film deal. (Paul did on memoir #2!) 

So by popular demand, we’re doing another incredible free writing workshop before we close the doors on the course. It's called How to Write a Commercially Successful Memoir, and it takes place next Wednesday, April 7th, at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

Please join us. The most iconic memoirs are almost never from the richest or most famous people. They’re from the most interesting people.

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?