That book in you

You’ve got a book in you. I know you do.   

How? Because we all do.

What separates the many millionaire and billionaire business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and politicians who write memoirs and you? An audience and a publishing deal. That’s it.   

We all are natural storytellers. We all have an utterly unique lived experience. The one thing no one else can ever replicate is your voice. Your POV. The way your brain works. Whether that manifests in terms of a memoir, a nonfiction treatise, a novel, a young adult sensation, a graphic novel, or a screenplay, there’s something in there.   

Is it ready to come out?   If so, I have great news. Our third highest-grossing course of all time, Open Book, is back by popular demand April 4th. This course is unlike anything else out there. You know we take our course promises seriously: We will help you develop a plan to getting your book out in the world based on your skills, your idea, your project and your why. Several people from our last cohort — some six months ago — are already being published, have deals, or are in talks with agents.   

This is doable.   

And you have the perfect guide: Paul Carr. Yep, he’s the co-founder of ChairmanMe and my partner. But he also runs a publishing company, sold to one of the big guys, published a whopping 13 nonfiction books, and self-published his first novel last fall. That went so well that he got a coveted starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, outsold his expectations on copies, got a book agent and a film agent, and has already closed one international publishing deal with a major publishing imprint.   

Here’s the fascinating thing about his novel: Self-publishing wasn’t some sad sack consolation prize. It was his way to the top of the slush pile. It got him an agent, a film agent, loads of negotiations with studios and production houses, and at least one traditional publishing deal. He’s at work on his second novel now, and it’s already getting interest as well.   

Paul is going to give you EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF INVALUABLE, NO BS, HARD-WON PIECE OF WISDOM on how he pulled this off (and how you can too) in our free Zoom later today, Your No-BS Guide to Stigma-Free Self-Publishing.  

I know — I know!!! — you have dreamt about seeing your book on a shelf. Come see how real that dream can be

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?