A solo day

Newsletter editor Lily here.

I feel like we're starting to reach yet another stage of the pandemic — at least, it really seems that way in New York City. Our brand-new mayor just lifted vaccine mandates in places like bars and restaurants and mask mandates elsewhere, and people, myself included, have #THOUGHTS on all of these changes. A side effect, however, is that it appears that the city's coming alive again just in time for spring.

As we all know by now, things can see so promising and hopeful one day and then totally awful the next. And that doesn't even factor in the fact that just because things are better in the city doesn't mean they're "good" for everyone.

I'm not sure when the next wave of anything is going to hit anymore, so I've decided to take my chance here and there and try doing a few things I've really wanted to but just haven't in a long time.

This started with taking myself on a solo date to the Brooklyn Museum yesterday.

I haven't been to a museum since before the pandemic, and I figured I'd try a bigger one where I wouldn't feel so physically close to other people all the time. Plus, I've somehow never been to the Brooklyn Museum despite living in the city permanently for almost six years and spending plenty of time here even before that.

So after watching a thrilling Formula 1 race with a few friends yesterday morning, I trekked from my pal's place in Flatbush over to the museum.

I have to say: It was absolutely spectacular, and I'm so glad I went alone so that I could enjoy all of the art at my own pace. I could spend extra time in exhibits I cared about and sort of scan exhibits I didn't really have much interest in. Plus, this particular museum is fabulous in that it's made a concerted effort to contextualize its art, including which artists typically get into art museums in the first place and what the museum has to do to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion going forward.

I got to see an Andy Warhol exhibit that showcased Catholicism in his work, went through the museum's lengthy deep dive into the Americas, took in a feminist installation called The Dinner Party, and made my way through a fascinating design feature, among other things. All in all, it was an A+ day.

My birthday's coming up in a little over a month, and my hope going into my next year is to find more joy in doing things like this little museum jaunt on my own. Especially in this pandemic, when we really spend so much time swimming around in our own thoughts and feelings, it can feel redundant to spend even more time by ourselves. But yesterday was nice. It was peaceful. I was content. And I'm already planning my trek back to the Brooklyn Museum this summer when a Virgil Abloh exhibit opens. What a beautiful event to look forward to.

What advice or support can you offer fellow members today?